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Domain Price List


Domain Registration / Renewal WHOIS privacy DNS Service
.com $9.99 Free Free
.net $11.99 Free Free
.org $11.99 Free Free
.biz $14.99 Free Free
.info $16.99 Free Free
.club 13.99 N/A Free
.us $10.99 N/A Free
.ca $16.99 N/A Free $8.99 N/A Free
.uk $8.99 N/A Free
.eu $5.99 N/A N/A
.de $9.99 N/A N/A
.hk $22.99 N/A N/A $22,99 N/A N/A $22.99 N/A N/A $22.99 N/A N/A $22.99 N/A N/A 29.99 N/A N/A

You can register a domain along with purchasing your hosting plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would recommend that you choose a domain name that is short, memorable, and easy to type. It should, of course, be related to your business or personal interests. It is likely that the .COM domain name that you are after is already taken. This is why we offer a handful of other domain name TLDs that you can choose from.

The domain name registration and transfer fees are the same in most cases. For most domains, you also get a one-year renewal upon successful transfer.

Yes, you can have your domain registered elsewhere and still use our hosting service. You just need to point the domain to your account with us by updating its name servers to the ones listed in the Welcome email you will receive after purchasing the account. You can update the name servers through the registrar company for your domain. During the order process, select the option “Use my already registered domain”. If you wish to use a third-party DNS service, you would have to manually update the A and MX DNS records to point them to our server.

You can manage your domain name through our easy-to-use and mobile-friendly account management interface.

You can transfer your domain here provided that it’s eligible* for transfer and we offer registration services for that TLD (a list of the TLDs available for registration is available on our domains page). You need to unlock the domain at the current registrar, as well as obtain its EPP authorization code. If you have an Account Panel, you can order a domain transfer from the Order menu -> Order / Transfer Domain. Alternatively, you can provide us with the EPP code, and we will generate the transfer order for you. The transfer procedure does not interrupt the operation of the domain name in any way, and your website and email will be working at all times. We will notify you as soon as the transfer is completed.

*For a domain to be eligible for transfer, the following conditions must be met:
– The domain name has to be at least 60 days old, i.e. two months must have passed since its initial registration.
– The domain name must not have expired. If your domain name has recently expired, you need to renew it with the current registrar before you can transfer it away.
– Since transfers may take several days to complete, you should make sure that there is sufficient time until expiration. We recommend that you start transferring your domain name at least 7 days before the expiration.

You can contact us via the ticketing system accessible via the 24/7 Support section in your Account Panel, via email at, or through the live chat on our website. We strongly encourage our customers to use the ticketing system because it’s designed to help us process customer requests securely and quickly. Our average response time for tickets is 7 minutes.

Yes, only persons, companies, and organizations registered (or residing) in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway can register .EU domains.

Country-level domain names usually have some geographical restriction.

No. Proxy registrations are a questionable practice that endangers any business/individual relying on it. That’s why we have decided not to offer it.

It has become difficult to find a good .COM domain since most of them have already been taken. You can usually register a shorter and better country-level domain. In most countries, a region-specific domain name may give your business additional credibility.

Before the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into power on May 25, 2018, domains were required to have publicly available contacts. This meant that the contact details of every registered domain were publicly available through the WHOIS service. With the GDPR this changed and the WHOIS details are no longer visible. They are still recorded in the registry database and may be provided to an eligible third-party organization.

The WHOIS privacy service protects you from having your personal details submitted to any other party, by replacing them with our own. Additionally, our WHOIS privacy feature provides email forwarding, so you will still be able to get important notices for your domain name.

We offer free DNS services for most domain names registered with us. You can set up A, CNAME, SRV, MX, MXE, IFRAME, TXT, or URL Redirect records. This service is not available for .HK, .DE, and .EU domain registrations.

We take advantage of all protection mechanisms provided by the upstream registrar. COM domains, for instance, are locked by default and protected with an EPP code. In addition, you can enable 2-Factor-Authentication for our management panel, giving you additional level of security.

This depends on the specific TLD and sponsoring registrar of your domain, as they all follow different rules. For the majority of domain names that we offer, there is a “grace” period of approximately 30 days after their expiration, during which they can still be renewed by their owners at their regular prices – these TLDs are .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .US, .CA, .HK, .COM.HK, .NET.HK, .ORG.HK, .IDV.HK, and .EDU.HK. For .EU domains, this phase is called “Quarantine,” and lasts for 40 days. On the other hand, .DE domain names are either renewed automatically, or not at all, so they lack a typical grace period.

Please note that “grace” periods are not guaranteed by registrars, and this is why we strongly advise our customers to renew their domain names prior to their expiration date.

Following this period, domain names could enter another status, usually referred to as Redemption Grace Period, or as Blackout for all .HK-based TLDs. During this period, domains can still be recovered, but at a higher cost. For .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .US, .CA, and .DE domain names, renewing during the redemption phase involve an additional fee of $80 USD, while .HK, .COM.HK, .NET.HK, .ORG.HK, and .EDU.HK domains can be renewed for an additional fee of $200 HKD. .IDV.HK domain names can be renewed for an additional fee of $100 HKD, and .EU domains lack a redemption phase altogether.

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