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$6 $ 2.99 /mo
  • First-year Price $2.99/mo
  • Renewal Price $6.00/mo
  • SSD Storage 10 GB
  • Data Transfer 500 GB/MO
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • 1 Website


$8 $ 3.99 /mo
  • First-year Price $3.99/mo
  • Renewal Price $8.00/mo
  • SSD Storage 100 GB
  • Data Transfer 5000 GB/MO
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • 1 Website


$30 $ 14.99 /mo
  • First-year Price $14.99/mo
  • Renewal Price $30.00/mo
  • SSD Storage 150 GB
  • Data Transfer 10000 GB/MO
  • Geotrust RapidSSL®
  • 5 Website

All plans include:

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Most of our customers find that our Business plan provides the best value. It offers lots of disk space (100 GB) which is enough for big websites and quite a few large mailboxes (up to 10 GB per mailbox on the Business plan / 30 GB on the Premium plan!).

We operate servers on three continents – Asia, Europe, and North America. This gives you versatility when purchasing your account. We would recommend that you choose the data center depending on the physical location of the target audience of your website.

Yes, you can have your domain registered elsewhere and still use our hosting service. You just need to point the domain to your account with us by updating its name servers to the ones listed in the Welcome email you will receive after purchasing the account. You can update the name servers through the registrar company for your domain. During the order process, select the option “Use my already registered domain”. If you wish to use a third-party DNS service, you would have to manually update the A and MX DNS records to point them to our server.

We provide a free website transfer service for new hosting accounts during the first 90 days of the hosting subscription. We can move your website to our server if you provide us with access to the old hosting provider. Detailed information is available in our site migration FAQ.

Instructions on manually moving over your website files can be found in our article Moving your existing site’s files.

You can transfer your domain here provided that it’s eligible* for transfer and we offer registration services for that TLD (a list of the TLDs available for registration is available on our domains page). You need to unlock the domain at the current registrar, as well as obtain its EPP authorization code. If you have an Account Panel, you can order a domain transfer from the Order menu -> Order / Transfer Domain. Alternatively, you can provide us with the EPP code, and we will generate the transfer order for you. The transfer procedure does not interrupt the operation of the domain name in any way, and your website and email will be working at all times. We will notify you as soon as the transfer is completed.

*For a domain to be eligible for transfer, the following conditions must be met:
– The domain name has to be at least 60 days old, i.e. two months must have passed since its initial registration.
– The domain name must not have expired. If your domain name has recently expired, you need to renew it with the current registrar before you can transfer it away.
– Since transfers may take several days to complete, you should make sure that there is sufficient time until expiration. We recommend that you start transferring your domain name at least 7 days before the expiration.

You can contact us via the ticketing system accessible via the 24/7 Support section in your Account Panel, via email at, or through the live chat on our website. We strongly encourage our customers to use the ticketing system because it’s designed to help us process customer requests securely and quickly. Our average response time for tickets is 7 minutes.

No, Makershost develops its own hosting Control Panel software. You can check Hosting Control Panel page for more information.


If the old host uses cPanel, you can use the Migration tool in the Control Panel to import your mailboxes from a cPanel backup.

Alternatively, if the other hosting provider can provide an archive of the emails in Maildir format, you can provide us with the file, and we will check if we can import your messages from it.

You can also move the messages via IMAP. You can move messages between servers via IMAP by using a mail program such as Thunderbird. You will need to configure two IMAP accounts for each mailbox in the mail program – one that connects to the old mail server, and one that connects to our server. Then you will be able to drag-and-drop messages between the servers. Note that you would first have to recreate the necessary mailboxes on our end through the Mail Manager in the Control Panel.

You can find instructions for configuring some of the most popular mail programs in our knowledge base section about configuring an e-mail program.

Yes, the antispam utilities on our servers include:

– Real-time blocking lists – messages from known spam sources are blocked at the SMTP level.
– SpamDyke/graylisting – filtering messages at the SMTP level based on DNS checks.
– SpamAssassin – content filtering based on predefined rules as well as blocking lists, including Bayesian classifier, allowing customers to mark messages as spam or ham by moving them to and out of the Junk Mail folder.
– Custom header filters that each of our customers can set to block messages from specific sources, or matching specific patterns.

More information about the anti-spam tools we offer is available in our spam protection documentation.

Yes, our email service is fully compatible with all email clients that support IMAP(S)/POP3(S) and SMTP. You can refer to our manuals for step-by-step instructions on setting up the most popular email clients.

We offer an in-house built Webmail interface that allows you to access your email account(s) in a web browser. To access the Webmail interface, please go to:

You need to replace with your domain name. In order for this link to work, you need to have your domain name pointed to our hosting service already.


Our servers run Linux and the server-side scripting languages we support are PHP, Perl, Python, TCL, and Ruby. PHP and Perl are more popular and widely spread languages and in general you can find more and better supported products written in them. We also support MySQL.

You can run WordPress, Joomla, phpBB3, osCommerce, ZenCart, Baikal, SMF, Magento, XOOPS, e107, SugarCRM, Coppermine, WebCalendar, MODX, TikiWiki, MediaWiki, Concrete5, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Piwik/Matomo, OpenCart, LimeSurvey, Nextcloud, and many others.

The Economy and Business plans support only parked domains, which are full website and mailbox aliases of the main domain. On the Business Plus plan, you can have 5 separate websites with separate mailboxes on separate domains (1 main + 4 addons) in addition to parked domains.

Our hosting services are fully managed, so root access (including sudo) is not available to end users.

SSH access is available with all of our hosting plans. Note that it’s disabled by default. You can enable it from the Control Panel -> SSH Access section. Detailed instructions on connecting to the server over SSH can be found in our SSH documentation.

You can upload files to the server using the File Manager in the Control Panel or with an FTP client. Instructions on uploading with an FTP client are available in the Uploading files section of our knowledge base.

We do our best to provide our customers with the latest and most stable versions of available programming languages. We offer support for PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and TCL.

The supported PHP versions are listed in our PHP Version article. You can easily change the default PHP interpreter for your hosting account through the PHP Settings interface of the hosting Control Panel.

Billing and Management

We don’t charge our customers automatically, nor do we store any credit card data. When your service is about to expire, we will send you a notification by email, and you will have to submit your renewal payment.

You can upgrade when renewing your account, or at any time through the Account Panel.

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